What to give on February 23rd - pictures on boards!

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      February 23 is a special day for a man. hey are defenders not only of their homeland, but also of lovely ladies. At this moment, women start to panic with the choice of a gift for a colleague or loved one. Gift: shaving foam, socks? He's a man, what does he want there?


Take a closer look at this question.


Now you can choose a large enough number of original gifts to surprise a man:

  • electronics;
  • telephone;
  • his favorite perfume;
  • accessories in the car;
  • portrait from his photograph.

What a man will like better

      Any man will be delighted with gadgets or accessories in a car. But here there is a very big risk to choose not the technical characteristics that your man has been looking after for a long time.
There is an option to ask him in more detail what he wants. Of course, in this case, the answer can be a computer, which is quite expensive in price, or a part for a car, for example, new pads. It is unlikely that you will be able to pick up such gifts, even knowing what exactly your man has chosen.
You can go an easier way. Offer a gift from these categories yourself. For example, a smart watch, wireless headphones, a wireless headset, or a new tape recorder in the car. With such gifts, the difficulties will be less, as well as the costs for them.


     If we are talking about his favorite perfume, from which you are delighted, you can also lose it. A beloved man is unlikely to tell you what others would like. After all, you like them so much. Also, you can choose the aroma yourself, but remember that everyone has different tastes.


     The choice of the phone will have to be approached in the same way as with other types of electronics. If your boyfriend has already chosen a gadget model and you fit into the budget, you can order it. Better, before ordering, ask your friends for advice, who will suggest a reliable resource for buying.


     With a portrait, everything is much easier. A convenient, beautiful gift that will delight both you and him. After all, how much effort did you put into choosing a photo, finding a master and making such a luxurious present. If you have a rush in time, pick up an elegant wooden texture, which will be very quickly photographed and provided with a finished painting. Painting on a tree with a picture of you together is also a great idea. And how much joy this interior detail will bring in your nest.


     As for colleagues, everything is much simpler here. The gift serves a more symbolic role. You don't have to give something cool and expensive. Here you can choose bright, non-standard gifts. Girls can get creative and put together gift boxes for men, in which you can pack alcohol and, for fun, put the same socks. In addition, you can serve a festive dinner for your colleagues and decorate an office in the style of the Soviet army. In addition to the original congratulations and festive mood throughout the day, you will give men a mini corporate party, which by the end of the working day can develop into a real celebration.


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