Lubov (Ivanovo)


We were thinking for a long time about what to print. There are so many pictures, he had to choose the best one!!! We were satisfied with the choice when the picture arrived, we realized that we made the right choice. Everything is cool, quickly arrived, Perfectly packed and there are things for fixing, well done!!!



  Kristina Mirgorodskaya (Sochi)


I am very happy with the purchased picture and the quality of service. I ordered a picture as a gift and the time was limited. The manager called and reassured me that he would try to do everything to get the picture on time. The picture was delivered even a day earlier! It was packed very well. I was very pleased with the picture I saw! Beautiful, stylish and unusual! Thanks to the team for this masterpiece!



  Kira Nechayeva (Anapa)


Very beautiful picture. High quality of the material itself. Very accurately. Bright pleasant colors. Very happy. The painting brought a natural aura to the room. I want to order more!!!!



  Vasiliy (Tiamshevsk)


I make an apartment interior in the loft-style. Of course, I can't do it without a picture on the boards. The picture is greatly made. Thank you very much!!! Everyone who sees it likes it very much. Someone immediately wanted a picture on the boards in their interior, someone noticed as a gift. I think this is my first picture on the boards, but not the last.



  Polina (Zelenograd)


This painting is a real decoration of my living room now! It looks great! And, I would say, it is alive - the texture and color change a little during the day, depending on the lighting. It leaves no one indifferent - all the guests pay attention, and my husband and I just enjoy every day!





I ordered a gift for my girlfriend! I was waiting for it very much, and as soon as I received the picture, I was stunned! Super quality, very good impression about the organization of work! All in the timing! All questions were answered! Thank you very much!!!



  Alya (Kostroma)


Gorgeous paintings! Ordered for yourself and friends as a gift! The gifts were magnificent! We are very happy with the choice of the company! Excellent work of managers, everything is fast, clear, and high-quality! We recommend it. No complaints about the delivery.



  Zhanna (Murom)


I would like to thank the managers for their approach to their work and communication with clients. I ordered a picture on the boards as a gift. I am very happy with the work done, everything is high-quality and beautiful. I think my friend will like it very much. I will recommend you to all my friends and acquaintances.



  Daria H. (Chelyabinsk)


Thank you for the prompt execution and delivery of the order. I am sure this gift will surprise and please my mother) I wish your company prosperity, I will recommend you to my friends.



  The Rogovs (Tambov)


The staff was always in touch, they will answer even a million questions and they do their job efficiently. Emotions are still overwhelming, it looks very cool. Thank you for your work, we are delighted with the result!



  Viktoria Sagina (Pskov)


Great idea for a gift! We have repeatedly used your services and the result has always exceeded expectations! Thank you for the fast courier delivery.



  The Lukyanovs


I first ordered a portrait on the boards in Creative Wood, I was very worried, but in the end, it turned out even better than I imagined. Thank you very much for your work! It was made amazingly, the whole family is delighted, it looks very natural and alive) everyone looks at it for a long time and everyone likes it! Thanks!



  Larisa (Saratov)


Good afternoon!!!!! Many thanks to the company for the high-quality execution of the order, which was a gift to my husband on our wedding anniversary!!! My husband was very happy to receive such a gift)))))) The price-quality ratio is excellent!



  Alina (Moscow)


Thank you very much for your work!! I ordered a portrait for my husband's birthday and it came on time, no complaints about the quality of delivery! And what a sensation the portrait made among the guests!!! My husband is delighted! Everything is just great! Thank you! And I wish you more grateful customers!



  Elena (Tambov)


The color rendition is gorgeous, I order it not for the first time. A week ago, I received my photo collage-it turned out very beautiful, all the colors are saturated, not distorted. We liked your work!!! Good luck to your company and many orders!!! Thanks. We will order more from you!!!



  Max (Ryazan)


I ordered a picture on the boards for my girlfriend as a gift. Everything was done on time, beautifully packed, and delivered. I was satisfied with everything: quality, terms, and prices. My girlfriend was delighted! We will recommend you to our friends!



  Svetlana (Novosibirsk)


I was surprised and pleased with the speed, friendliness, professional approach, high quality of the picture. I have the warmest impressions of your work, thank you! I will contact you again :)



  Ilia (Stavropol)


My wife and I had an anniversary and I decided to give her a gift – our favorite photo of us in the form of an antique painting. I found your page on the Internet, called and placed an order. Everything was delivered accurately and on time. No complaints, my wife was over the moon. Now the painting is hanging over the bed in our bedroom. Thank you very much!!



  Viktoria (Khimki)


The picture turned out to be a masterpiece! Very beautiful! Clear, bright, without flaws! Delivery arrived quickly, perfectly Packed. I recommend that anyone who thinks about taking a photo on the boards, it is right here! You will be satisfied with the work of this company! Thank you very much for your creativity!!!



  Inna (Vladivostok)


Thank you very much for the quality, efficiency, care!!! The managers offered me several variants of paintings, advised me something, explained something, were polite and not indifferent. I am happy!



  Maksim (Moscow)


Good afternoon:)I want to share my impressions...The picture looks bigger than we thought, very good quality, everything is neat and very nice, we are pleased with the order process: no problems, the layout of the picture was ready in 30 minutes, and in 6 hours the picture itself!!! Fasteners included-a trifle, but very convenient. We will contact you again and recommend it to your friends





Good afternoon. I gave this picture to my husband yesterday. We like it very much. Thank you very much.



  Irina (Krasnogorsk)


The picture is super! Thank you very much for your help and quick execution. I am very glad that I contacted you. Of course, SDEC spoiled a little but having quarreled with them we managed to get it on time. Thank you!



  Olga Mikheeva (Korolev)


this is so cool, I'm delighted, the person who this picture was ordered for, will not get it soon, but I will also inform you about this thank you very much





Hello, sorry it's late! Finally, our picture is hanging! Thank you again! We like it



  Elena (Khimki)


Good morning! I've got a picture! The picture is wonderful!!! Everything is very quick, thank you very much!!! I love it! The smell of wood is maddening



  Viktoria (Moscow)


Good evening. Today I finally received “my girls”. Pictures are of excellent quality, clear and bright colors, everything is neatly done, securely packed, everything is as I wanted, I didn’t even want to give this out, I think if I say that I'm happy, it's nothing to express how happy I am! Thank You for your excellent work



  Tatiana (Moscow)


We received your order. This is very cool! The result exceeded all expectations! Many thanks to you and your entire team for your professional work and creative approach. I will recommend your company to friends and acquaintances.



  Igor Kovalyov (Yegoryevsk)


Last year we were on vacation in Phuket with my beloved. I made her a proposal there, and this year, in memory of such an important day, I gave her a picture on the boards in the form of a heart with the image of happy us at that touching moment)))



  Vitaliy Zhitnik (Volokolamsk)


My son loves comics very much. I ordered a picture on boards with his favorite Marvel characters for him for the new year. He's happy! Thanks! .





My dear husband is always on the road! I worry when I don't see him for a long time… I found a way out-I ordered his portrait – now I fall asleep and wake up with my beloved even when he is not next to me. Since the image is applied to the surface of the tree – the portrait blows additional warmth and comfort...) .



  Viktoria (Vladimir)


My best friend is a great art connoisseur. I always wanted to give her a reproduction of van Gogh's Starry Night. CreativeWood coped with the task perfectly! The wooden painting fits perfectly into the interior of the bedroom) .





Guys, I got the picture on the 26th, I'm very happy!!! I was also pleased with the high-quality safe packaging, I was worried about transportation. Thank you very much for such a responsible approach and your generous creative work!!! I wish you prosperity!!!! Happy new year!!!.



  Anastasia Fedoseeva (Dolgoprudnyi)


My father is a big fan of fishing. I ordered two paintings for his birthday at once) One landscape – early morning, a light haze of fog over the reservoir and trees around, and the hero of the occasion, captured with the best catch).



  Artyom Mikhanov (Cheboksary)


Since childhood, I have been fond of retro cars: I have a huge collection of both images and tiny models. My wife gave me a wooden painting of A 1957 Jaguar XKSS for my birthday. I couldn't help but write a grateful review here! This painting hangs in a place of honor in my office! .



  Pelageya Morozova (Rzhev)


I'm a crazy fan of Audrey Hepburn!!! When doing remodeling the living room, we intentionally left some space for a picture with her image. But I couldn't find the perfect one... Most of the suggestions come down to photos from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's! Yes, she is beautiful there – but many people have such pictures, and I wanted originality! I ordered my favorite shot from the Roman holidays from Creative Wood. On the boards, and even with an aged effect-just stunning! I'm thrilled!!!



  Julia Novikova


Once I got the idea to give my husband's parents an unusual picture on the boards… I didn't have to think about the topic for a long time) I saw in the proposed versions of images-a dog's face, just like Johnny!!! Their favorite Golden Retriever!!! It has paid off! The quality is excellent. And everything was packed so that you can not find any flaws! A huge thank you to the staff of Creative Wood!!! .



  Tatiana Kuzina (Chekhov)


My friend has a wonderful occasion-a housewarming party! Well, how not to surprise her with a gift?!))) Ordered a picture on the boards with the image of delicious pancakes with berries and caramel sauce-offered to hang in the kitchen))) The print quality is excellent! Well, my friend?!))) Watch out, diet! :D



  Valerya Akopyan (Khimki)


For my mommy, who recently became a grandmother, I ordered an unusual photo printed on the boards with the image of her first granddaughter. Let her admire the long-awaited girl) .



  Oleg Stepanov (Saratov)


My girlfriend is obsessed with eco-style :D I gave her a picture of us, which she ) But the most interesting thing is that it is printed on the boards!!! That was a delight!))) .



  Evgenyi (Moscow)


It is so rare to get together as a family because my brothers and I live in different countries. For my parents as a gift, I ordered a picture with a picture of all of us, and even with their families-my Mother even cried ...) I know how they miss us. Thanks to the professionals for giving us such happiness!!! .



  Natalia Stepanova (Solnechnogorsk)


I'm a photographer. I have a small photo studio. During the new year's photo sessions, I created the atmosphere of the Christmas holidays there. I think the main highlight of the interior is a modular painting on the boards with a stylized snow landscape.



  Arina Malyanova (Klin)


Our family has an important date in December – 5 years of marriage!) I decided that a wooden picture for a wooden wedding- with our best wedding picture-would be a wonderful reminder of such a wonderful day! The smell of wood is incredible! I am really happy about the order))) .






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