How the picture on the boards is made

Steps of making a masterpiece on the boards:

1.Blanks for paintings on the boards are made from natural solid wood (pine).

Only high-quality sawn hardwoods are used-mainly pine or larch. The natural texture of wood and its natural aroma that makes the pictures so original. All the boards are selected separately.

2. The picture is assembled to the desired size manually

The proper selection of boards for the picture is an extremely important aspect of their creation. If the height of one of them differs at least a few millimeters, then drawing an image on the picture will no longer be possible. That is why the craftsmen collect them manually.

3. The fetch is made of softwood fibers (the surface is brushed) gives the feeling of the texture.

The appearance of the true, relief texture of wood occurs during carpentry with the help of brushes with iron bristles or a sander. Brushing allows you to show the natural beauty of wood, which is one of the main advantages of these paintings.

4. The wood is fired to emphasize the texture of the wood, block the pores from resin secretions.

Temperature treatment of boards is carried out using a gas burner, which makes their texture even more expressive. However, in addition to the aesthetic, this procedure also has a practical meaning – after firing, the boards stop releasing a wood resin.

5. The front part of the picture is painted with a special product that extends the lifetime of the picture on the boards.

Since wood is a natural material, it is subject to various environmental influences. To protect the painting from possible damage and make it durable, the boards are covered with special antiseptic protective agents.

6. Printing the pictures on the boards on a professional flatbed UV printer

After preparing the boards, manual work on the paintings ends – the image is applied to their wooden base using a printer. This allows you to get a simply amazing effect – amazing clarity of the image, coupled with a wooden texture.

7. Manual modification of the picture (aging effect, wood texture)

Many clients want to get an artificially aged picture that fits perfectly into the very popular Loft style. To achieve this or to show the texture of the wood even better, the craftsmen can separately refine the picture for this kind of order.

8. Processing picture varnish (matt/gloss) for protection and durability of the image

The final stage in creating a picture on the boards is processing it with a matte or glossy varnish. In addition to improving the appearance in the case of such a coating, it also gives a protective effect-preserving the durability of the paint.

9. Completing the set and packaging of a picture on the boards

A jute rope is attached to the picture on the boards for easy hanging and carrying. Mounts are in the kit. Careful packaging and free shipping to the pick-up point.

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