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  Clock on boards is a combination of tradition and new technologies. Now the passage of time can be monitored on a smartphone screen, so a wall clock is an interior decoration, not a necessity. Wooden clocks have been popular throughout the ages. But now there are technologies for processing wood with high precision.

  Craftsmen can make the base for the dial in the form of any shape, paint the wood and apply the selected photo with high definition to the boards. You can buy a large watch to order or choose a ready-made model from the catalog of our craftsmen's work.

 By creating pictures on boards, we have come up with a unique product. If you add a mechanism and a dial to the board, you get a decorative clock on a tree. They will be a decoration for any room. The mechanism works completely silently, so you can hang them in the bedroom or in the children's room. Wooden dials of unusual shape, painted in bright colors, are very popular with children of any gender and age.


Craftsmen make a clock on a tree using the following technology:


    1. Choose blanks from solid natural wood.

    2. Give the desired shape using precision tools.

    3. Color (tint) the tree in the desired shade.

    4. Sometimes a finished image with a photo is applied to the boards.

    5. Cover the boards with varnish to fix the pattern.

    6. Install the mechanism and dial elements.



   The designer wall clock will fit into the interior of the cabinet, sheathed with wood. A unique handmade item will add prestige and status, and the silent operation of the mechanism will not distract from important thoughts. It is a great choice for decorating your personal office, as a gift for your boss or business partner. For working interiors, dials in natural wood shades with a laconic design are suitable.
   Craftsmen work manually on each product, creating unique things that are unlike each other. Each model has its own mood and character. You can choose an item from the catalog on the page, or come up with your own design. Craftsmen can embody any ideas, even make a large wall clock for you, which will become one of the main decorations of a room in your apartment or private house.


   Wall clock with photo
  Any drawing can be applied to the boards, transferring the picture with high accuracy. Wall clocks with photos have become popular among our clients. This is a great opportunity to capture important moments forever: a wedding, a trip, your baby's early years or just a scene from your family life.
   Making a large clock with a beautiful design is possible only on the basis of a good source code with a large extension. On the dial, you can apply not only a photo, but also any image: landscape, still life, abstract drawing, etc. In addition to the clock, you can buy a painting on boards to create a harmonious interior design.


   Loft style clock
   A clock board is a great solution for a trendy loft style. This style implies a kind of rebellion against traditional ideas about the beauty of the interior. He encourages freedom, non-standard creative solutions. In the catalog you will find loft clocks that are ideal for rooms decorated in this style.
   Loft means simple raw materials: concrete walls and ceilings, brickwork in the interior. If you decide to buy a loft watch, pay attention to the design without complicated processing. The dial in the form of a piece of wood with two hands will be a stylish decoration in the loft theme. It will fit into the interior of an apartment, house, office, youth cafe or anti-cafe, any space for creative development.


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