The rules of our home

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Pictures on boards are an excellent solution for decorating the interior in an original way and creating an atmosphere of comfort at home. Wood is a natural and safe material, and in skilled hands it turns into a real work of art.

Our wood workshop „Creative wood” is pleased to offer our customers our current series of paintings on wood called «Our House Rules», which will decorate the walls of your home and will easily fit into any interior.

The picture is a beautiful wooden board covered with a decorative composition of a certain color and additionally decorated with carvings, photographs, and inscriptions. All this together creates an original and eye-catching composition.

The title of the series of paintings «The Rules of Our House» speaks for itself: the painting displays a set of unspoken or fixed rules of behavior family members at home or serving guests. The rules of conduct are played out in the form of precise instructions, a playful form, aphorisms, certain styles, therefore, they represent an integral interesting and original decorative composition. The bare walls of the house, as you know, evoke melancholy, and a small and original picture will add comfort, positive to the room where it will hang.
Anyone follows their own rules and manners of behavior at home, honors the traditions and foundations of their family. They will be easily immortalized, reminded, and fixed on the boards of the series „Rules of My House”. There are many design options. Each painting is an individual handmade product, so it is exclusive. It is these gifts that create a unique home atmosphere of well-being, happiness and good mood. Pictures on a tree will easily become your lucky talisman and a talisman for family life.

What paintings on wood from the series „Rules of our home” we offer:


«Pope's Rules» - A gift to her husband, father. Designed for the male half of humanity. They contain promises, motivation, recommendations, rules for a husband for a variety of everyday situations: cooking, cleaning the apartment, keeping order, caring for children. Capacious and accurate theses sink well into memory, are remembered at a subconscious level, and become a life credo. Will be an excellent gift for a husband from his wife for an anniversary or a joint holiday.


«Mom's Rules» are intended as a gift to your beloved wife, mom in order to emphasize her importance for the family in the eyes of the rest of the family. Bright theses, humorous statements, norms of behavior, memos for all occasions, which will help out in any situation and support morally.


«Mommy». It is very important for mothers to hear compliments from children! The main thing is that they should be said sincerely at the most appropriate moment. The painting «Mommy» - will be a great gift that will touch to the depths of the soul. Even from a distance, looking at this picture, mom will know that she is loved! This picture is for those who want to express their gratitude to their mom!


​Gift for grandmother. Many grandmothers are the keepers of comfort and order in the house. You can record this and thank them with the help of a picture on a tree made for a specific person. Words of reverence and respect, love, gratitude, sincere admiration for a person, a list of merits and strong qualities will find their place among the pictures on the boards.


​Gifts with photos. An individual photo of the person to whom the gift is intended will help to make a personalized painting. A portrait, complemented by warm words, will ensure the completion of the picture and its individuality. It is always doubly pleasant to receive personalized gifts.


«Kitchen Rules». Every housewife dreams of the perfect kitchen, where, with minimal effort and time, you can prepare delicious, healthy food for the whole family. So that the kitchen can rightfully be called the kitchen of your dreams, your stay in it should bring you pleasure, and not leave you indifferent. The painting «Kitchen Rules» will help you with this, remind the household of order and improve your mood. Suitable as a gift for family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances.


«Grandparents' House Rules» is an original painting made of wood. It will be a great gift for your family and will fit into any interior.


«Our House Rules» is a stylish gift that reflects the personality of the family! This picture will be the best gift for a housewarming, significant date, wedding day. Possessing a minimalistic style, these board paintings will fit into any interior.


Let these «House Rules» bring you happiness and harmony!


Wood paintings are a versatile gift. First of all, they are intended for family people of any age and beloved relatives. Nothing prevents you from considering them as a gift for a wooden wedding or as a sign of attention to newlyweds or for housewarming friends. The rules exist to be ignored and violated, but not in the case of the paintings "The Rules of My House". They are simple and understandable even for a child, so it will be easy and interesting to follow them.

Order a suitable gift from us for your loved ones and friends. Make them your sincere and individual confession in feelings decorated in an original and beautiful way. There are a lot of reasons to donate a picture on the boards!


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