Children's metrics

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    The birth of a child is one of the happiest and most significant events in the life of every family, and I also want to choose a special gift for this occasion!


Children's metric on wood from Creative Wood will become an unusual and bright souvenir as a sign of replenishment of the family, capable of conveying the warmest and sincere feelings. Each metric we make on the boards has an individual concept of creation and a unique author's design!
Children's metrics in the range of «Сreative Wood»


Wood, as a natural material, is a symbol of fundamental nature and sustainability. When creating a gift for a child, only premium coniferous wood is used. When painting pictures on boards, we use the latest woodworking technologies, safe dyes and hypoallergenic varnish impregnations. This is especially important when it comes to a child's gift. The modern technique of applying the pattern allows the pigment to be fixed deep in the wood, which prevents the images from fading, and helps to preserve the original brightness after many years.


Children's metric from our workshop is:

  • A high-quality profile made of wood, which will indicate the name of the child, information about the date and time of birth, height and weight of the newborn, city of birth, parents' names and other data at your discretion.
  •   Pronounced texture, pleasing to the eye and pleasant to the touch.
  •   The ability to choose the appropriate format - from 30 x 40 - 150 x 150 cm.
  •   Colorful and stylish design, suitable for the interior of a children's room.


  Looking for an unusual gift for a year? We will arrange a picture on the board for this event, taking into account your wishes!

Each child's metric from «Сreative Wood» is a small and touching handmade work of art that can convey all the joy from the birth of a baby!


This is not just a birthday present, but a personal symbol, which is guaranteed a worthy place in the family archive!

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