The prices of pictures on the boards

Pictures on boards are not just a very stylish and relevant option for interior decoration today, but also open up space for customers ' creativity.

Below there are the sizes and prices of paintings on the boards, based on which you can make your choice and decide which gift will please your friends or yourself.

Square paintings The cost
40 х 40 cm 2 700 rubles
60 х 60 cm
4 300 rubles
90 х 90 см - HIT
6 100 rubles
120 х 120 cm
8 600 rubles
150 х 150 cm
12 100 rubles

Rectangular paintings The cost
30 х 40 cm 2 100 rubles
40 х 60 см - HIT
3 700 rubles
60 х 90 cm
4 700 rubles
80 х 120 cm
6 600 rubles
100 х 150 cm
8 600 rubles

We will make a picture according to your size! 

Delivery to the pick-up point or door at the rates of the transport company

The pictures on the boards are not limited by size or shape- it is possible to choose a size, which will match the design of the room. You can choose a square or rectangular shape, or you can choose original modular pictures on boards. 

The client can also choose a finished picture from the catalog or send the picture, which he or she would like to see imprinted on the board, and get the best result.

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